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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2014 1:30am-2:01am PST

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percent it should be 62.5 percent. and i apologize for those typos. and last month, commissioner keane asked about the bdo referrals. and i just want to give you an update on those first one and two have already been litigated. and in favor of the city. and the bdr is conducting collection efforts at this point and the third one, will be, is set for the litigation but has not come to court yet. >> okay. >> and then, i just wanted to make sure that the commission knows because of the comments that have been made, statements of economic interest and the section seven and i don't have a comment on that but under the state law, we are allowed to assess late fines for people who violate, but we have no enforcement authority over form 700 and their constant, the
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ethics commission can cannot investigate or take action on those, we have to defer them to the state. >> so we can levy five, and i don't understand. >> when the people file late, we can levy late fines, but if people falsify the documents, and don't report the things that they are supposed to or refused to file and that is out of our hands. >> okay, that is all that i have for today. >> any questions or comments? >> well, interest to the hear about and you look at the variance, particularly your actuals compared to budgets and under the lobby that was a significant variance in our favor and at least on the budget. and then under campaign consultant fees, we budgeted for 18 kind of okay with that and that was okay. so talk to me, a little bit more mr. st. croix about the
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lobby fees that we, they jump so quickly. >> and we were able to, we only budgeted for 27 and it is 53. and are they or is it just because it is a particular year? or if it is an election year? and is it just because more people have identified that because there is more enforcement and more folks feel the need to register as lobbyists in. >> or else, i would say, if you are going on, like you do the budgeting year over year and you look at what the past was and you put in a conservative number in there. and we are already with only two months into the year, or however far we are in the year. >> 7 months. >> we are 53, but we budgeted for 27. >> yeah. >> so that is great. >> but i was just wondering if you saw some kind of... >> go ahead. >> i don't know when the budget
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for that or this year is fixed, but last year, we had a significant increase in the number of people who were registered as lobbyists due to various efforts. everybody has to register in january and reregister and that is why that increase happens in january, usually you will see the first six months of the fiscal year be low and all of the revenue hits in one month and i believe that the budget is being revised up due to the number that we expect to continually register who has the increase. >> and i think that there are more people lobbying because of the lobbyist changes and the lobbyist ordinance that were made and more people are lobbying and more people are registering and many of us don't have to and many of whom report no activities but i think that people are more cautious.
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>> there is proposed legislation that is there. >> but going back a couple of years, we did a fairly big upgrade of the lobbyist ordinance in terms of requiring additional reporting requirements from quarterly to monthly filing and going all electronic filing too and i think that all of the electronic filing seemed problem matter for the people in the regulated community but once they were introduced they decided it was actually a benefit and made it easier to file. >> that reminds me of a proposed legislation that was sent to the board of supervisors, where is that? >> go ahead. >> it is still being amended and there is i think that it was last like april that it was sent and there is a committee meeting tomorrow, and before the gao. and then, so basically the revision process was kind of well under way and we are hoping that it will come to... or that we are hoping that we can make significant progress in march
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>> any idea when it will actually be finalized and the board will vote on it? >> i would hope, i would hope at some point in march but i am not sure, yet. >> any other questions? >> comments? >> any public comment on the executive director's report? >> commissioners, ray hartz, director of san francisco open government, there are two items that i would like to discuss, item two where we see that everyone has finally learned the sunshine ordinance to you is a pointless exercise. i will look at these from month to month and i see the number one again and again and i will be honest with you that i can't help but wonder if it is just one complaint that you let sit there and they get hit by a bus and make it go away. the second is item 7 where i would like to ask a question, what do you train the city employees about the responsibilities and i may be incorrect in what i just heard
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from the executive director, but what he said was if the city employees file statements of economic interest and they commit perjury and lie there is nothing that you can do about it. is that what you tell the city employees when training them on filling out the sri you can put down anything and purger yourself and so there is nothing that we can do about it so go right ahead? i previously showed herrera's false filing for 2009, 10, and 11, and as you saw, herrera filed statements under penalty of perjury where he claimed that he received nothing of value and the revised form showed that he received thousands of dollars from the friends and then proceeded to lie and say that he received nothing. what makes this most agregus is
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that two years of public records disclosed that he or the public library has any document to show where $60 million raised by the friends in the name of the public library between 2000 and 2013 went. >> nothing. >> the friends came in and gave a report they never asked me questions about, and said that we gave you, 750,000 this year, and it turns out that it was not 750, it was half of that because half of the money, of the 750,000 were directed donations, and restricted funds that they could not do anything but turnover to the library, so out of the 6 to 6 and a half million dollars a year the friends raised, the library got $375,000. sounds like a real good deal to me but the interesting thing is that i knew that from looking at the filings they did with the state attorney general. the library commission would have you believe that we are
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bookkeeping errors as opposed to knowing and willful violations of the law, they had meetings and illegal conversations and issued a press release saying that they supported mr. herrera even though he had committed perjury and then when someone said what you just did was illegal, they said, well, we will withdraw it. and they act $as if they thought that he was too stupid a department head, too stupid to know that thousands that he was getting were reportable. >> thank you. >> any other comments? or corrections or changes to the executive director's report? >> anything that you want to add mr. st. croix? >> thank you very much. and i think any items that commissioners would like to bring up for future meetings for discussion? for consideration, mr. kean e.
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>> yes, madam chair, i am going to make a motion for our next meeting in regards to one of the matters that we did the last time, the matter having to do with juliet ellis. i have informed that the puc, gave miss ellis something like a five-day suspension. and we have accepted a stipulation in which she admitted to some fairly important and agregious corrupt conduct in my opinion, influencing a government decision in which the official has a financial interest, so my motion for next time for discussion is going to be that we recommend to the puc, in light of her admissions, contained in the stipulation, that she did indeed commit these violations of influencing a government decision in which
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the official has a financial interest, that we recommend to the puc that she be terminated. >> is that something that we need to vote on? >> you can't, this is a discussion item only, that is for the in-coming chair to take under advisement when he and i plan the next month's agenda. >> thanks. >> dually noted commissioner keane. >> anyone else? >> and any public comment on matters appearing before the commission, or not appearing on the agenda? >> actually, you have to have public comment for items for future meetings. >> okay. >> comments on the matter for future comment? >> again, ray hartz, director of san francisco open government, you know what i would like to say on future ago
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agenda that you would actively solicit impute from the citizens from san francisco about what they would expect you to be doing and one of the things that you don't see on tv is that i and one other person are the only two members of the public that bothered to come tonight, i think that most people after a while they come to these meetings and look at what you do and watch what you do and listen to what you say and make a decision that is just not worth their time or energy to be here. and but they would like to see you from you, in my opinion, is that you would actually give them some hope that you intend to raise the ethical standards in san francisco government, from my percent, anything and everything that you do is based on some hidden agenda, given to you by your political masters. your political appointees. and each of you and each and every one of you answered your appointing authority, and rather than to the citizens of san francisco. and as far as i can tell, your
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existence is worse than meaningless, because it sets up a false hope that a citizen of this city who has a problem with this city can come to you and get assistance, when all that they are going to get is a long drawn run around where you cover the back sides of the people they are having a problem with. this body does everything when it is in its power, in addition to stand in the way of those who we try to clean up the city. and i watched dr. kurr go through what he went with you and all the man was trying to do was say that there were people at the department of health that were stealing money from the patient's funds and using it for their own purposes. something illegal, something immoral. and what you did is you just treated him like dirt. and i think that sends a message to every employee of this city, that if you really
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see something wrong, and you think that there is somebody to turn to, to get help from, gets again. the whistle blower program will screw you, and the ethics commission will screw you, i will give you this the sunshine task force will, listen to you and give you an order of determination but they will send it here and you will dismiss it. you are here to protect the city employees from the citizens of this city that is all that you are here for. now, i think that the citizens probably expect a lot more. but in reality, that is all they get. and if you think that i am just a nasty old man and unpleasant old man, you ought to sit home and watch yourself on sfgtv you don't do much of anything, you come in here, and you have a meeting, and you go through the motions, and at the end, this city is just as bad a shape as it was when it started. >> thank you. >> mr. hartz, i am not sure why
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there are not more people here, but i would note for the record that you spoke by far, more than any member of the commission did tonight. and many times. >> any further public comment on matters appearing or not appearing on our agenda? >> okay. with that, do i hear a motion it adjourn? >> i move that we adjourn. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> aye. >> thank
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>> welcome and thank you so itch for being here for this historic occasion renaming of the bridge for willie l brown junior. this is no better person than bridge. he's spent a lifetime providing a pathway so millions of californians could improve their lives. please stand now as we singalong with the first song maybe. this is a wonderful occasion because we not only will sing the national anthem but the negro national anthem after that. this is the two-time grammy
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award winning boys choir academy specific boys choir academy we welcome them for the 3 sons under the director kevin fox >> oh, can you can you see by the dawns early light. what so proudly we hail. at the twilights last gleaming. who's broad strips and stars through the per he will allows night.
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over ram parts we lark with so glandly streaming. and the rockets red glare, the bombs busting in air. gave proof through the night. that our flag was still there. oh, say does that star stand banner yet wave? over the land of the free.
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and the home of the brave. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (clapping.) >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ our voices sing to the heaven ring, ring with a heartfelt liability and the revise in heart for an amazing start that to resound.
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king of song born of the face and heart of king born of the hope. we rise in song for the causalities the revoig. so if our song rings on. this will our hope. for the ring over the weary sing we sing for the song.
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we have long over a way. we have gone through 0 singing. if the - we sing. with people for our story. of our horrify gone overnight and triumph. now we will raise our voice. it is forever in the past we
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sing. those are the places. make our hearts stronger. this is the voice. to the heart and soul. (clapping.) ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ i left my heart in san francisco. i honor it all to me. to be with little cable cars fly halfway to the stars. some morning it is in the air. i don't care. my love waits there in san francisco. among the blue and clear sky.
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when i come home to you san francisco. your gotten sky will shine for me. your golden sky will shine for me. (clapping.) >> thank you very, very much. the pacific boy choir academy.
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(clapping.) an academy that is supported by willie lewis brown. well, you, you know, it took the state legislature to make this a reality but it took the i am going and the drive a political savvy of the lady who is the president of naacp. ass allows decided there could be no better way to celebrate black history month than to make history that's why we're here today and alice we owe you a big debt of grutd.
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thank you for being our official host today (clapping) you also doubt there are many people who can't be called a celebrity or dignitary. i'm going to do this because our all special just read a few names of the special, special (laughter) we'll start with the mayor of sdpo san francisco mayor ed lee and jeff is here and coworker i didn't and mark farrell and london breeding and jp morgan moscone and convincing and kevin shelly and regularly allergy. cohesive craig shur and fire chief joan as well as all of you very special people.
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we welcome you carmen count iv u chiu is on my list and thank you for not allowing me to use your titles today. unfortunately, i have to inform you that bar andrew young was unable to leave his people home in atlanta, georgia because of the snowstorm it was two threatening for him to travel so ambassador young who was a constant champion of dr. martin luther king was emotional about missing this occasion. he hoped for an opportunity to talk about the sfakz of the movement and it's connection to the process shown p.i. by this
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sermon, however, mr. kings personal attorney one of his political advisory and for historical reasons he was a draft speech writer and one who helped him write the iconic i have a dream speech. he's a professor at the every time of the san francisco and a schooler at the martin luther king jr. at the university. doctor jones is here to puck pick up the mandala we welcome you to the podium (clapping.) >> thank you so very much.
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aefld i think the organizesers of this program are testing my skills i'm also a professor of the university of the san francisco on the art of speech writing so i find i've been limited to a short period of time. let me just say this (laughter) it is fitting in the naming of the bridge considers in the 50th anniversary year of the 1964 christopher's movement and for the crusade for the ask the especially from the north and across the nation to journey to mississippi to register a vote. that happened 50 years ago and across the bridge galvanizing and mobile listed the consciousness of a nation
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leading to the civil rights voting act of 1965. there is a line that connects the krifrts voting in 1965 the voting rights act the crossing of edmond bridge and the crusade to register unregistered blacks in mississippi. there's a line that connected k connects that movement here today. so willie my friends it's not about the naming of the bridge but the historical context within this naming occurs. several years ago dr. king said i need you to go back to
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california because jessie wants to meet with me i don't know what it is boo about so it met with jessie. you know, first of all, i thought that was a strange name and i learned i did my homework he's a powerful dude. we talked about but during the course of this meeting he talked about this young man he thought so much of willie brown junior. so i got back to doctor king but he likes this willie brown junior. did you meet him, no. several years later my point is there is a line that connects what is happened so much in this country to the


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